Taiwanese turtles, including hybrids

pictures 1 and 2

left: hybrid Chinemys reevesi x Ocadia sinensis, mother of hatchlings in picture 7 & 8
right: Mauremys mutica

pictures 3 and 4

left: Mauremys mutica
right: Cuora trifasciata (captured from the wild in Taiwan)

picture 5

close up of Cuora trifasciata

picture 6

Cuora flavomarginata hatchlings

picture 7

offspring of hybrid female (shown picture 1 and 2) and unknown male

picture 8

offspring of the same female and an unknown male of a different species.
This turtle has laid two clutches of eggs after being caught from the wild. It appears that the fathers of the two clutches belong to different species.

pictures 9 and 10

Chinemys reevesi

picture 11

unknown hybrid, probably a hybrid of three species

picture 12 and 13

Mauremys mutica x Ocadia sinensis hybrid

I am grateful to Dr. Tien-Hsi Chen for showing me these turtles.

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