Care of H. grandis

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Care of H. grandis

Post by a forum member » Tue Jan 02, 2001 9:26 pm

Hi, my name is Curtis I have one 6" female H. grandis. I bought it as a red eared slider in 95 or 96, and had a friend keep it for me while I was at college(97-present). I recently got it back and have noticed some changes. All the spines now point up, and the turtle looks too big for its shell, but it doesn't look too fat. Is this natural, or is it a calcium defficiancy or something. It's diet for the past few years has been minnows and fruit. If any one has any ideas on how to correct this or a care sheet, please post it or email me.

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Care of H. grandis

Post by Marnix Hoekstra » Thu Dec 06, 2001 12:32 am

Hi Curtis,

Welcome to the club!
Curved spines are natural, but if the spines point up, it may be calcium or vitamin D deficiency. Could you post some pictures of your turtle?
I think a diet of minnows and fruit is insufficient. According to Pritchard "this species eats almost anything edible"; but it feeds mainly on fruit and aquatic plants. You can also try lettuce & cabbages. Minnows is a good idea; never thought of that.
I recently found out there's a large herpetology collection in a veterinary library close to my department. I went there today and found a lot of information on H.grandis. I'm working on a care sheet; but for the time being, you could check out these care sheets for H.spinosa, a related species:

Hope this helps,

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Re: Care of H. grandis

Post by DHemby » Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:21 am

HI. This guy deffinatly needs to be given more fruits and veg. I would go with using darker greens and cut back on the protien for a while. Use some tortoise veggie dust, give him more time on land and stay away from shavings of any kind as a substrate because the dust can cause respiratory infections. I use a 30% fruit 30% dark greens 30% protein and 10% prepped foods and vitamin supplements. He could probly use more uv also. I hope all goes well with ur friend.

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