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Postby a forum member » Wed May 19, 2004 9:56 pm

Marnix Hoekstra,

Thanks!!!! Hello All!!!! What do you guys feed your grandis? I just started feeding fish. How much animal matter do you guys feed? They have grown well on just the plant matter but am trying to get a more balanced diet!!!

Charles M. Sikorski, Jr., CPA
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Postby Marnix Hoekstra » Sat May 22, 2004 12:33 am

Hi Charlie,
I feed them around 50/50% animal/plant matter (& sometimes mushrooms - technically a different category). I don't know where the proper balance lies, but my turtles have a way of showing when they want meat instead of greens.
Some grandises don't like fish. It depends on the individual's taste. One of mine will eat herring, chopped tuna & salmon. But I usually feed them chicken, pork & beef; and occasionally crickets or mealworms.
What is your experience with fish? What do they like/refuse to eat?

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