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Artis Amsterdam

Post by Marnix Hoekstra » Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:49 pm

Hi all,

Yesterday I finally went to Artis zoo in Amsterdam. I had not been there for about six years. The zoo has 1.3 grandises.
The reptile curators are interested in cooperation with the studbook, and I briefly talked to one of them.
I was hoping to pair my female up with the zoo's male. I knew he weighed 14 kg, but he turned out to be much bigger than I had imagined. :shock: So it's not an option. My female weighs only 3 kg.
On the other hand, the zoo has two females of the same size as my male, which offers new possibilities. The zoo hasn't decided yet, so we will wait and see.

The three females share this enclosure with a number of sliders and painted turtles.
The male lives here with Aldabra tortoises, yellow-foot tortoises (Geochelone denticulata) and a small red-eared slider.
One of the smaller females. (I haven't seen the other one.)
The male
The biggest female with a yellow-bellied slider on top
The big female and a small female
And a short video of the big one biting the small one:
Pictures of other animals in the zoo:
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