ESF-studbook annual report 2008

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ESF-studbook annual report 2008

Post by Marnix Hoekstra » Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:50 pm

Studbook Heosemys grandis
(Giant Asian Pond turtle)

First Annual report 2008



2.Studbook population







9.Activities planned for 2009

1. Introduction

The studbook for the Giant Asian pond turtle was founded in January 2008. Its primary aim is to establish a genetically healthy assurance colony.
The studbook has been classified by ESF as category B, which stands for moderate protection.
The studbook started off with a population of 11 turtles, representing four bloodlines.
Announcements for the new studbook have been published in the Dutch/Belgian turtle magazine Trionyx, in the German herpetological newsletter Minor, and in several turtle-related forums.
Several private keepers of the species have been invited to register their turtles. The response has been low, but they are still welcome to participate.
Former keepers of the species have also been contacted. This is a difficult process because they can be hard to trace, and they do not always know where their turtles have gone.
The ISIS-database has been helpful in tracing Giant Asian pond turtles in European zoos, and helped establish their relatedness to each other as well.
Studbook participants and other keepers of the species can interact with each other through the Heosemys grandis forum: The forum may also help to attract new participants.

2. Studbook population

At the end of 2008, the studbook had a population of 3.2.6 living turtles.
One juvenile of four years old is probably female, but this is still uncertain.

3. Locations

At the end of 2008, there were two locations: one in Germany, and one in the Netherlands.

4. Births

There have been no hatchings in 2008.
One female has layed two clutches but the eggs were not fertilized.

5. Imports

The last big import of the species was a group of 90 specimens that had been confiscated in Hong Kong in 2001, and was transferred to European zoos in 2002. These turtles were in poor condition and many have died. Since then, only a handful have been imported. As far as we know, only one Giant Asian pond turle has been imported into Europe in 2008.

6. Deaths

There have been no deaths in 2008.

7. Transfers

There have been no transfers in 2008.

8. Discussions

The studbook has two participants.
Two zoos have decided to participate but have not yet sent registration forms. One zoo and one individual are interested in participating.

9. Activities planned for 2009

In 2009 breeding will be attempted in two locations, possibly three. Furthermore, the studbook aims:
- to find new participants
- to add more bloodlines to the studbook population
- to continue the search for Giant Asian pond turtles that have been imported or bred in the 1980s and 1990s.

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