Giant Asian water turtle care (Heosemys Grandis)

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Giant Asian water turtle care (Heosemys Grandis)

Post by Donnieclark » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:27 pm


So today a turtle turned up at my home and it is a Heosemys Grandis as identified by another member.

I'm reading rather conflicting things on the internet such as whether to keep it dry or wet (difficult to do both at the moment as I will have to make provisions for its enclosure in the next few days)

Also, it doesn't seem to be eating and is extremely shy and will retreat into its shell when approached. What can I do about this?
Any info about its care is appreciated!

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Re: Giant Asian water turtle care (Heosemys Grandis)

Post by Marnix Hoekstra » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:06 pm

Welcome again Donnieclark. You've come to the right place for info.
About keeping your grandis dry or wet: It depends on its preference and on its age. How old is your turtle? Young grandises are mostly aquatic and tend to become more terrestrial as they grow older.
Sorry I deleted your other post. We allow occasional digressions, but this is not the right website to sell a laptop.
Good luck with your new turtle. We love to see some pictures :)

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